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Dumbgeons & Dragons

A D&D 5e Actual Play Podcast

Season 1

An experienced fighter, ranger and druid find out who they are and what they're made of as they fight to save the world from the Cult of the Dragon's plans to bring Tiamat to the material plane.

Season 2

3 unlikely friends follow an unknown destiny to save each other and fight an unknown evil.

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Facing Fate
An Actual Play Podcast

Season 1; Luna Corp

When humanity turns to an unknown energy source, human error has its consequences in this real world sci-fi thriller.

Season 2; Shadows

Monsters walk amongst us. What’s truly scary is what hides in their shadows. Set in Toronto in the mid-90's - an unknown force from beyond threatens life as we know it.

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DM to GM - Official.jpg

DM to GM

A Dumb Dragons // Fable and Folly Production

Russ More & Sean Howard answer your questions to help you feel more comfortable running and playing the games you want to play!

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