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Meet the

Dumb Dragon Cast

Proud voice and creator of Grancis, Flamikins, Hilop and many other NPC's you hear around the realms. Butt of most jokes and merchant of consequences.​

Dungeon Master

Russ More

Nulara Moonbrook / Norixious Akra (aka Glim)

Played by Carla Maxted (Johnson)

Nulara Moonbrook - Likes to fly solo... also has a soft spot for family.

Glim - Have you heard? She's kind of a big deal with a destiny to save the world.

Flint Firebeard / Moot

Played by Tom Laird

Thia Amastacia / Sullivanslight

Played by Amy

Flint Firebeard - Dwarven fighter heavy emphasis on the fighter.

Moot - up and coming Half-Orc Sorcerer. Takes a lot of notes.

Thia Amastacia - Elven druid who's really in touch with nature... *cough cough*

Sullivanslight - Halfling rogue by day, tapestry gardener by... other days.

All art by Chrissytor Illustration find out more at