January 06/2020

Facing Fate is an anthology based actual play podcast. For Season 1 we use the FATE Core system.

Season 1 | Luna Corp (January 2020):

A near-future based Sci-Fi/Thriller following a group of employees of a Lunar based mining company, Luna Corp, who are thrown into more than they bargained for.

Season 2 | TBA (Sept 2020)

Patrons of Dumb Dragons Productions have early access to all seasons of Facing Fate.

Season 1 begins release with weekly episodes September 2019.


The Fate Crew

Game runner, Fate bringer.

Game Master

Russ More

Empathetic, trustworthy Operations Manager

Rainia Samouth

Played by Carla Maxted (Johnson)

Know-it-all Diagnostician

Dr. Julianna Dove-Joiner

Played by Amy

Introverted Life Support Engineer

Oskar Bloom

Played by Tom Laird

All art by Chrissytor Illustration find out more at