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An improvised audio fiction series that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Each season explores a new genre with some of the darkest and funniest improvisers we can afford.

Luna Corp:

A near-future based Sci-Fi/Thriller following a group of employees of a Lunar based mining company, Luna Corp, who are thrown into more than they bargained for.
Game System: Fate CORE


Monsters walk amongst us. What’s truly scary is what hides in their shadows. Set in Toronto in the mid-90's - an unknown force from beyond threatens life as we know it.

Game System: Urban Shadows


Facing Fate tells a Lovecraftian Horror story set in the 1920s. A girl is abducted for ransom, but when the kidnappers refuse to return her, a group of investigators close to the family join a search party to help bring the girl home.

Game System: Call of Cthulhu

Black Knight:

Throw yourself into the dark and surprisingly funny world of reality TV as Facing Fate: Black Knight reveals the twisted inner workings of a truly sinister broadcast network.

Patrons of Dumb Dragons Productions have early access to all seasons of Facing Fate.

Season 1 begins release with weekly episodes September 2019.


The Fate Crew


Russ More

Game Master/

Master of Ceremonies

Game runner, Fate bringer.

Rainia Samouth

Empathetic, trustworthy Operations Manager


The Spectre


Carla Maxted (Johnson)


Dr. Julianna Dove-Joiner

Know-it-all Diagnostician



The Fey

Oskar Bloom

Introverted Life Support Engineer


The Oracle


Tom Laird

All art by Chrissytor Illustration find out more at

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